What do my Clients think about my work? Their testimonials say it All!

“I want to thank you Coach Ericka for all of your inspiration, encouragement and coaching. I can’t believe in just a month’s time, and a few coaching sessions with you, my business has changed drastically!  In a month’s time my Facebook fan page has doubled from what it was when I started working with  you.

I went from having no people to talk to, to now having almost more people than I can manage. I  changed the name of my Facebook fan page (with you and God’s inspiration) and  became more focused . Thanks to you I have begun to hone in more on the things that are important, instead of trying to do so many things at one time. 

I hope that once I am able to manage my business, at this level (which is amazing!),  I can reach back out to you in the future to grow to the next level. Thank you again and may God bless you for all the work that you do.  I appreciate you so much!” Debbie Black  @Broke2blessed 

“To all “Aspiring Entrepreneurs” and small business owners: Take advantage of Coach Ericka’s expertise and resources! The BEST thing you can do, to further your business, is to hire her as your Business Coach/ Consultant.”Natalie H. Manning/ Transformational Speaker


 “Thank you Ericka for our strategy session! I learned some valuable information. You did a wonderful job in helping me understand my brand, audience and market.” – Reese Moore/ Black Girl Magic Beauty Supply 


“I’m not tech-savvy at all, so working with Coach Ericka was a HUGE benefit! She’s patient, experienced, and knows what she’s doing. You will save a lot of time and energy by hiring Coach Ericka as your Business Coach/ Consultant.” – Angela Scott/ Actress, Comedian


LeRazia White – The Crochet Coach

“Ok… so, Coach Ericka just gave me a list of tasks to complete. Time to make some coffee, and get to work! I know she’ll be checking up on my progress. Lol” – LeRazia White