Business Basics: Listening vs Lecturing

Are you listening to your clients and customers – or lecturing them?

When you connect with a potential client or customer, how do you know HOW your products and services can help them solve the problem that brought them to you, in the first place?

What questions do you ask, to find out what they’re true concerns are?

How do you assess whether you actually do offer the solution to their problem?

It’s easy to believe that, based on what you’re told, you will be able to help them.

But, can you really? Continue reading “Business Basics: Listening vs Lecturing”

Business Basics: Creating your business blueprint

How did you develop business blueprint?

Did you work alone, or with someone to create your launch strategy?

Many new entrepreneurs and small business owners think, “If I put up a nice, pretty website, people will come.”

Does this sound familiar?

That’s exactly what I thought! Boy was I oh-so-wrong! Lol

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I made, when I started my coaching practice, was NOT working closely with my Business Coach.

“You don’t know what you don’t know, until you need to know it,” right? SO TRUE! Continue reading “Business Basics: Creating your business blueprint”

Business Basics: Be clear in your marketing message

Your marketing message should tell your readers and viewers exactly what your business offers, and HOW you can help them.

“Marketing gets you known. Sales gets you paid.” – Allyson Byrd

Do you agree with this statement? Is your marketing message getting you known for what you offer, and HOW you can help people?


For example: If you’re a beauty spa owner, would I know that just by scrolling down your Facebook business page? Continue reading “Business Basics: Be clear in your marketing message”

I screwed up my website!

  1. How did I screw up my website?

I thought I was backing my website up to my Dropbox account. But, I actually had not connected it to my Dropbox account correctly… Ugh!

How did I find out?

I went into my Admin panel to make a change. When I attempted to login to my Coach Ericka website, it was down… Uh Oh?

So now what? Continue reading “I screwed up my website!”