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FREE Website Usability Test

After my FREE Website Usabiity Test, you will know if your baby is ugly, or is headed for the stage at the Miss America Pageant! (Lol)

Our websites are just like our babies, right?

We dreamed of how they would look, how they would sound and how they would be a highly productive member of society… basically holding their own.

As a mother, and “Me-Ma”… I know my kids are not ALL that I imagined! Not a disappointment… just very different from what I expected… but that’s LIFE!

Your website – like your kids (hopefully) – will be self sufficient, and fulfill its duties:

  • It should answer your visitor’s question
  • Be clear in who you help, and what products and services you offer
  • Show your visitor how to contact you, and offer a way for you to contact them (an opt-in, freebie, etc)


  • I will check to make sure your links are working properly
  • I will check your spelling/grammar (this is a critical issue in most sites!)
  • I will check your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • I will make suggestions that will help you help your visitors have a BETTER experience – and hopreully stay on your website longer… YESSS!

So, let’s get to it! There are just two EASY steps:

  1. Enter your info in the form below, and
  2. I’ll email you a report of what I find… good, bad and ugly 🙂

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