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A La Carte Services

                               Choose which service(s) you need 🙂

I offer A La Carte Services for YOU if:

  • You don’t think you need Business Coaching
  • You don’t think Business Consulting is for you, either
  • Your business is pretty-well set up, but you just need help with this one thing…

Other services I offer are:

  • Customized websites – I will re/build a customized website for your business.
    • I will rebuild/ redesign an existing website on a platform other than WordPress
    • I will redesign or build a customized website for your business on the WordPress platform.
  • Branding Design – I will customize your branding design (colors, font, etc)
  • Content Creation – I will create the content that you want to share with your viewers. This includes written, audio and video.
  • Business Plan – Long gone are the days of the 40-page Business Plan… WooHoo! I will write an effective Business Plan that your banker – and potential investors – will LOVE to read 😂
  • Email Marketing – I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “The money is in the list,” right? As eager as you may be, to get that listed started… finding the time to learn how to build it, AND implementing each step correctly – so it serves its purpose – is another story! Let’s chat about your business goals, and WHY your email campaigns need to be going out ASAP 🙂

To get started, click here to contact me, or simply fill in the contact form below 💚