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I screwed up my website!

  1. How did I screw up my website?

I thought I was backing my website up to my Dropbox account. But, I actually had not connected it to my Dropbox account correctly… Ugh!

How did I find out?

I went into my Admin panel to make a change. When I attempted to login to my Coach Ericka website, it was down… Uh Oh?

So now what?

Now, I am in the middle of rebuilding my website – from scratch, get it back to the gorgeous-looking website you may have seen before… YESSS!

Since your website is (should be) the most valuable piece of real estate – in your Digital Marketing stragegy – it should be designed and developed to:

  • Show off your knowledge and expertise, in your industry
  • Be easy for your visitor to use
  • Helpful to your visitor, answering their questions
  • Build your email subscriber list
  • Allow your visitors to purchase your goods/ services

Unfortunately, all of the blog posts – 100+ – that were on my site, will not be accessible from the links I shared around the web.

Fortunately, I write all of my blog posts in Microsoft Word first, so it’s just a matter of copy, paste and add the finishing touches to each post… WooHoo!

I am still signing up clients, so please don’t hesitate to contact me, if I can help YOU with your business 😇💖

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The point of this blog post is to:

  1. Help you NOT screw up your website
  2. Encourage you to NOT give up, if your website ever does go down

Hopefully, this blog post was helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to write them in the comments.

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Has your website ever gone down? I’d love to hear your horror stories about when you’re website went down. Thanks! I like to know I’m not alone in this. Lol

Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed!

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