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What’s the Difference Between a Business Coach, Consultant and Mentor

Do you know the difference between a Business Coach, Consultant and Mentor? 

If you answered, “No,” don’t feel dumb. Many entrepreneurs – especially newbies – don’t have a clue, either.

So, let me break down the differences for you:

Business Coach – This person develops a process of engaging in regular, structured conversation with you and/ or your team (group coaching). Business Coaches often help business owners with specific aspects of their business (i.e. Marketing Coach, Executive Coach, etc).

Business Consultant – Once your business has a good bit of growth, you may get “stuck” – your lead generation, sales, etc., may plateau. For the life of you… you can’t pinpoint WHY. Even more importantly, you can’t figure out HOW to get over this hurdle.

That’s when you want to invest in a Business Consultant. With their expertise, and “bird’s-eye view”, a Business Consultant will be able to help you with the WHY and HOW, and get you to the NEXT level.

Mentor – A Mentor, for a small business, serves as sort of a “spring board” for ideas, and gives feedback. They tend to have more entrepreneurial business experience than you, and serves as a trusted confidante over an extended period of time.

Many Business Coaches and Consultants become Mentors for their clients, after the task(s) they were hired to do, are complete. This relationship usually continues free of charge. Some people will hire a Mentor they never worked with, but trust that the Mentor will be able to provide them with great value. These Mentors usually charge a fee, and that investment is totally up to them.

That’s it! I hope this post helped you understand the difference between a Business Coach, Consultant and Mentor.

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