Digital Marketing

Business Basics: Learn Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate Marketing is one of the more popular ways of earning income online. There are a few reasons why: You can create GREAT passive income You’re not responsible for the creative aspect of the business Other than your time, it’s FREE – or pretty cheap – to get started

Business Basics: How to Create Unusual Content

When you hear the word, “content,” do you automatically think of blog posts? Or, maybe even videos? As a Business Basics Coach, I have to put this out there… DO NOT feel intimidated by the word “content”! Simply put… content is the information you create, to attract your target market/…

Business Basics: Be clear in your marketing message

Your marketing message should tell your readers and viewers exactly what your business offers, and HOW you can help them. “Marketing gets you known. Sales gets you paid.” – Allyson Byrd Do you agree with this statement? Is your marketing message getting you known for what you offer, and HOW…