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My videos will help you launch and GROW your business 💖

Hi there 😀 My name is Ericka Richardson – aka “Coach Ericka” . I am a Business Basics Coach. I work with small business owners, and entrepreneurs, to launch and GROW their business.

I bring 30+ yrs of work experience to the table, 14 of those as an entrepreneur.

My most popular program is my 3-mth Business Basics Boot Camp. During this program, you will be stretched and challenged, but you will learn SO MUCH about yourself (Uh Oh!), and your business – you’ll either love me or hate me, when we’re done. (Hehe)

BUT… you WILL NOT be the same… YAY!

The three key areas I can work with you in are:

  • Branding – Logo >> Colors >> Name >> Slogans, etc. starting from where you are now.
  • Digital Marketing – Website design >> Email marketing >> Social media marketing
  • Content Creation – What type of information will show off your knowledge, expertise and experience… written, audio, video, etc?

My goal is to help you launch and GROW your business, and EXPOSE you to the world as the #1 go-to EXPERT!… YESSS!


I made this video to help you get a better understanding of who I am, but more importantly, HOW I can help YOU!

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Let’s go 💖

My Business Basics Boot Camp Program will help jumpstart your business RIGHT from the start! If, after watching the info video, you’d like to discuss your goals with me, visit the Contact Me page and let’s talk about it.

Business Basics: Money Mindset video blog

I often create video blogs from my written blog, to reach those who prefer visual learning. A GREAT message can be absorbed in many ways, right?

Business Basics: 5 steps to write a KILLER blog post

One of my most viewed blog posts – written and video – there’s a lot of good info in here, so DIG IN!


Business Basics: How to GROW your online network 

You’re NOT an island,  so you need to know how to build a STRONG network of people who are mutually beneficial, to help you get to the next level in your business!

4 Tips to BOOST Your Productivity

Let’s face it… being an entrepreneur can be lonely and draining, right? This makes it HARD to get things done, and that’s IF you know WHAT to do, and HOW to do it.

If this sounds familiar, you’ll get a lot of value out of this video… Let’s go!

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Feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback or to discuss working with me 🙂