Business Coaching

What you will receive: (1:1 or group)

My Business Coaching packages include:

  • Branding โ€“ You will have a complete understanding of each aspect of your business brand. (It’s not just about your website and logoย ๐Ÿ˜‰)
  • Digital Marketing โ€“ You will learn how to optimize your online presence. This will help you maximize your โ€œreachโ€.
  • Content Creation โ€“ You will learn which types of content will BEST โ€œspeakโ€ to your target market/ audience.
  • Your blueprint โ€“ Based on the goals you set for you and your business, we will develop a blueprint of how your business will look. Plus, we will craft a strategy to build each phase of your blueprint.
  • Accountability โ€“ Together- we will outline a strategy with deadlines โ€“ to reach the goals you have set for you and your business.

I will hold you accountable for helping you meet those deadlines.

Which Business Coaching package will work BEST for you?

  • Jumpstart package โ€“ 2-hr Strategy Chat to give you the essential steps to get your business idea up and
  • 3-month package โ€“ Once each week, we will discuss the next step in your blueprint โ€“ how to efficiently complete it, any hurdles, and how to get over them.
  • 6-month package โ€“ Almost identical to the 3-month package, but with more in-depth learning and work-throughs.

This package is ideal for brand new online marketers.

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