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Business Basics: Listening vs Lecturing

Are you listening to your clients and customers – or lecturing them?

When you connect with a potential client or customer, how do you know HOW your products and services can help them solve the problem that brought them to you, in the first place?

What questions do you ask, to find out what they’re true concerns are?

How do you assess whether you actually do offer the solution to their problem?

It’s easy to believe that, based on what you’re told, you will be able to help them.

But, can you really?

Oftentimes, a person may think they need help with A, when what they need help with is an underlying B.

I know! I know! How are you supposed to know what they really need help with?

The more experience you have – the longer you’re in your industry – the better you’ll get at listening to what the real problem is.

I suggest you follow a few easy steps, to get a grasp on the entire situation:

  • Listen, intently, to what you’re being told
  • Ask questions about anything that you don’t thoroughly understand
  • Let the client or customer talk for if necessary (you know your limits. Lol). Many times, people will start talking about the problem they think they have, then bring it up in a completely different way.
  • Present different options that will help them get over “this”

Listening and lecturing are two totally different practices!

When you listen, you will be able to help your potential client or customer solve the problem they have.

When you lecture, YOU are telling them the problem you think they have, but never

Truly helping someone get over the hurdle they’re facing.

Practice being a good listener.

Yes, people want help finding a solution, but your reputation will be badly damaged when they don’t experience the outcome you promised.

What would you add, or change, about what you just read? Would you consider yourself to be a good listener?

Please leave your questions and comments below. Thanks!

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