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Business Basics: Learn How to PIMP Your Processes!

Have you learned how to PIMP your processes, so your business runs like there’s an entire team behind the scenes?

So, what processes am I referring to?

As a Business Basics Coach, I work with new and struggling entrepreneurs. Whether you’ve been in business one day, or one decade, I help you make the most of your resources – time, energy and money.

New entrepreneurs usually don’t know which tools they need, because they haven’t yet developed any processes.

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Seasoned entrepreneurs tend to get “stuck in the ways,” and don’t keep up with the latest and greatest tools and resources available.

This often causes the seasoned entrepreneur to hire someone – a Business Coach or Consultant, or even a part-time team member, to bring parts of their business up to date with technology.

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That’s where I come in!

At the very least, you MUST have the following processes in place. The most important key, is to AUTOMATE whenever possible!

  • Email marketing – Your opt-in and delivery can be done for FREE using an Email Service Provider (ESP) like MailChimp.
  • Payment ProcessingPayPal offers a robust service for small businesses, for a very low cost. You can set up payment plans, invoice clients, etc.
  • Social Media posts – Tools like HootSuite and Buffer are GREAT for scheduling posts on social media. This will help you keep a consistent posting schedule.

I hope this helped you 🙂 It’s not easy knowing which tools and resources will help you in your business.

Keep in mind that the ones you choose should complete the task at hand. When you learn how to stretch each tool to its FULL CAPACITY… you will learn how to PIMP YOUR PROCESSES!

It all boils down to providing the BEST customer service possible, right?

Do you need help find the RIGHT tools to help you in YOUR business?

Click here to contact me. Let’s chat about your business goals, and the best tools to get there!

Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed! XO