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Business Basics: Learn Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate Marketing is one of the more popular ways of earning income online.

There are a few reasons why:

  • You can create GREAT passive income
  • You’re not responsible for the creative aspect of the business
  • Other than your time, it’s FREE – or pretty cheap – to get started

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Many online entrepreneurs are full-time Affiliate Marketers. Meaning, this is how they make ALL of their money online… YESSS!


You may be asking, “Ok Ericka. What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?” Simply put… Affiliate Marketing is when you promote a business brand’s product or service. When someone purchases an item or signs up for (X, Y or Z), you earn a commission.

Here’s an example:

You are an Amazon Affiliate. In your blog post, you post a banner for Audible (the audio book platform, owned by Amazon).

When someone clicks on that banner, and signs up with Audible – or (what makes Amazon so GREAT), buys ANY item on Amazon, you earn a commission for that sale… WooHoo!

Although each Affiliate Marketing program is unique, the basics concept is the same.

There are a TON of reasons to become an Affiliate Marketer, as I mentioned before, and I highly recommend this type of business for every online marketer.

Just about every industry has an affiliate program that would be a good match for your niche – i.e. Used Car Lot could be an affiliate for a tire company, or a parts store.

Another example would be, if your business offers business services such as making resumes, creating business cards, etc., you could be an Affiliate Marketer for Best Buy, Amazon, or any other brand who sells items related to the business you’re in.

Hopefully, you now understand how being an Affiliate Marketer can add a few – or A LOT –  of digits to your income.

However, understand that you will have to put in some work – time and energy – to get people to SEE the products you are marketing.

Is becoming an Affiliate Marketer a type of business you’d like to learn more about – either as your sole source of income, or to add to your existing business?

I’d love to speak with you about your business goals, and to help you work Affiliate Marketing into your existing income streams.

Click here to visit the Contact Me page, and let’s talk about it!

Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed!



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