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Business Basics: How to STOP Overthinking it!

Do you overthink every part of your business… your logo, font, colors, etc.?

Well, I’m here to tell you to STOP IT!


Overthinking is a side-effect of being a perfectionist. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as perfect,” right?

Do you overthink most parts of your life – whether on a personal or professional level?

How does that usually work out for you?

What overthinking leads to is:


  • Procrastination – Constantly putting things off till…
  • Confusion “Should I do it this way, or that way?”
  • Self-doubt“What if I look or sound stupid?”
  • Not getting things done aka IN-action- ‘Nuff said!

If you are an overthinker, there are a few things you can do, to help train your brain – and body – to get moving in the right direction:

  1. Do it NOW! – Every task does NOT belong on a to-do list. When a task comes to mind, and you can do it now… DO IT NOW!
  2. Set a timer – When working on a task, set a timer for a reasonable amount of time it should take you to complete the task.

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For example: if you’re making a 3-5 minute video, it shouldn’t take you longer than an hour to shoot it, edit it and upload it.

Note: If a task takes you an unusually long time to complete, this is a good indicator that you may need to outsource it to someone who can get it done efficiently.

  1. Outsource – I mentioned it above, and it’s important enough to mention it again. You may be good at all parts of your business, but if overthinking is a major setback for you, outsourcing is the way to go!


  1. Implement systems – Using systems in parts of your business – aka automated processes – can make it seem like there’s another team member sitting right alongside you, getting things done… Whew!

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Some parts of your business will require deep thought and concentration. If you’re thinking of a new program or service to offer, that certainly deserves a good bit of time to think it through.

I’m speaking of the little things that many people get stuck on, that they are taking way more time, than necessary, to complete.

For example:

  • Creating content – Unless you’re writing a technical blog post, it should not take a full five days to complete! (I’m speaking from personal experience here… Ugh!)
  • Discovery calls – You should not be on the phone for two hours with a potential client.
  • Emails – You should not waste hours reading and replying to emails.

These are the most common time-wasters that I hear people getting stuck on. Can you relate to any of these?

I hope this blog post was helpful to you! Did I miss anything on the topic of overthinking parts of your business?

What suggestions could you offer, to help others get past overthinking, and on to the DOING in their business?

I love feedback, so let’s hear it J

If you need help re-training your brain to STOP overthinking the small stuff in your business, I’d love to chat with you.

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Let’s see how we can work together to meet your business goals.

Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed!