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Business Basics: How to Create Unusual Content

When you hear the word, “content,” do you automatically think of blog posts? Or, maybe even videos?

As a Business Basics Coach, I have to put this out there… DO NOT feel intimidated by the word “content”! Simply put… content is the information you create, to attract your target market/ target audience…  aka ideal client.

There’s no secret sauce or recipe to getting this done. Remember this… be authentic in your delivery, to attract the people you WANT to work with.

So, if you’re a home-based, down-to-Earth, laid-back type businesswoman, do you really want some skirt suit wearing businesswoman, who expects you to have a corner office in a high-rise building, downtown, as your client?

If so… go for it! Just remember to dot your ‘I’s and cross your ‘T’s 🙂

Here’s what Wiki says about Content Marketing:

Advertising has long used content to disseminate information about a brand and build a brand’s reputation.

That’s what many new entrepreneurs, and small business owners think, “It must cost a lot to create and promote content.”

If I had a dollar for every time, when I said, “content creation,” my Coaching Client said, “… but, I don’t like to write!” Well… let’s just say that I could treat myself to a cute little sundress and sandals! Haha

In fact, a few of these ideas might actually be more so in your comfort zone… IMAGINE THAT!

So, let’s get into HOW to create unusual content, and top it off with a funky little twist, at the end. Shall we?

First, let me say that, you should ALWAYS create content that YOUR audience wants and needs.

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Even if you’re creating content for your business, but want to share some

thing personal – like pics from your vacation, photos of your dog (who doesn’t love puppy pics, right?! – do your best to keep your content in-line with your business brand.

Here are some unusual content creation ideas:

  • Audio posts – So, you don’t like to make videos, huh? Well, you can easily create an audio post using an app like Audacity. Simply upload the file to Sound Cloud, then grab the url to embed it in your post. If you add a cover pic, and save the file as an .MP4, etc., you can upload the same content to YouTube, etc.
  • Conferences/ Meetups – When you attend these types of events, have the audio/voice recorder on your Smart Phone ready to go. Grab a good-quality clip about a topic you want to discuss, and either write a blurb about the audio clip, or pair it with your own audio clip.

  Again… you can do all of this in Audacity. I swear by this app. Oh… and it’s FREE!

  • Create a How-to Guide – If you’ve written any type of guide for your business, or your team, you probably already have one of these, right? Grab a couple of key points from your How-To-Guide, and write, or make an audio/video blog post from it.
  • F.A.Q.s – What questions do you get asked often, in or about your business or industry? Take one or two of those questions, and go into further detail than you probably did on your website’s F.A.Q. page. You can even leave them in Q and A format, if you like.
  • Webinars – If you’ve created a webinar – or are thinking of co/
  • hosting one – this an EXCELLENT form of unusual content. You can re-purpose your webinar in so many ways, time-and-time again. Post a snippet of the replay, and put the entire webinar behind an opt-in page… WooHoo!

Ok… I don’t want your head to explode, so I’ll stop there. The suggestions, above, should have your creative juices flowing in high-speed! Lol So, now I want you think of different ways that YOU can create content, maybe or maybe not, using the methods above.

NOTE: Remember to add at least one “Related article” link to each post on your website.

I love feedback so, in the comments below, tell me what methods you’re thinking of using, to create your content.

Did I miss anything about creating unusual content, in general? What would you add or change about what you just read? Please leave your comments below. Thanks!

If you’re looking to work with a content creation strategist, manager or creator, please click here to book your FREE consultation with me, Or, visit the Contact Me page, and let’s talk about your business goals, and how we can work together to achieve them.

Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed!

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