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Business Basics: Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

Are you thinking of quitting your day job? DON’T!

You may be asking, “Why should I keep my day job?”

There are three VERY good reasons you should KEEP your day job:

  1. Your #1 investor – Where else are you going to find a consistent income stream to bankroll your new venture? Your paycheck may not be what you want it to be, but any is plenty, right?!
  2. Sharpen your skills – Your day job – whether you like it or not – is training you for success as your OWN Boss! Take every task you’re handed, and learn every aspect of how to get it done. Don’t worry about what’s included in your job description. Trainee for (X) IS your new job description!
  3. Networking – Now is the PERFECT time to start lining up those potential clients! Start letting people know what you’re doing. Not in a pushy way, but more so in a manner of, “How can I help YOU?” sort of way. Remember… it’s not who YOU know, but who they know… and so on.


  There are plenty more benefits to keeping your day job, but the ones I listed above are the biggest reasons.

When you are ready to make that transition from part-time entrepreneur, to full-time Boss, on your own terms, there’s a way to do it, that will not make such a huge impact on you and your family… mainly your lifestyle.


However you want to go about it, I suggest you network with other entrepreneurs and get a small support group going. It’s always a great situation to have someone you can pick up the phone and call, when things aren’t going as well as you had hoped for.


Like I always say, “You wouldn’t try to drive from Miami, Fl to San Francisco, Ca without a road map.” Your business is no different!

Hopefully, this blog post gave you a few good reasons why you should keep your day job. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than trying to figure it all out with NO income coming in… Ugh!

Do you need help making the transition from employee to being your own Boss? No worries!

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Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed!