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Business Basics: Customer Service 101

I’ve interacted with a lot of companies that should take a Customer Service 101 course… OMG!

I often wonder how they’ve managed to stay in business for five days, let alone five years.

Do you agree with the statement, “The customer is always right”? Now, be honest… I’m speaking from the business owner AND from customer point of view.

In any and every industry, we must work with customers and clients, right? Unless you’re a self-sustaining island – making and buying your own products, you need others to keep the lights onPERIOD!

Customers and clients don’t always make your life easy. Some people are just not happy in their own life and are determined to spread that misery far and wide! Trust me… I’m related to a few of them 🙁


There are ways to work with this type of person, to create a win-win situation. The goal is for both parties to leave the experience feeling satisfied, even if there were a few humps and bumps along the way.

Let’s talk about Customer Service 101:

  • “The customer is always right.”This statement is NOT true! For example: You can’t walk into Walmart, grab a deodorant, and tell the Store Manager that it’s overpriced, and that you’re only going to pay $.50 for it.

Try that and let me know how it works out for you! (Lol)

If a customer feels your products/service is overpriced, that usually means they don’t feel they’re getting good value in return for their money.

Think about it… why do people spend so much money on luxury cars, when there are plenty of great cars for a fraction of the price?

They see value in the luxury car, that the others don’t offer.

  • Under-promise and over-deliver – This is the BEST and easiest way to develop long-lasting relationships with people!

When you say, “I’ll have your website up and running by Friday next week,” but call them on Wednesday to tell them it’s ready… YESSS! That’s an AWESOME experience that will be stamped in that customer’s mind. Do you agree?

What do you think that will do for your level of brand awareness? Do that with enough customer’s and your word-of-mouth marketing is PAID FOR!

BUT… what would happen if that scenario went the other way? You could probably hang up any ideas of getting referrals. You could always ask, though.

  • You can’t serve EVERYONE! – It is extremely important that you realize that everyone – even when they’re looking for a product or service in your industry – will NOT be your client or customer.

Recognize, early on, that you cannot work with everyone. Yes, you may have the skills, knowledge and expertise that they’re looking for, but some people simply will not do business with you. Don’t take it personally!

  • Don’t compete by price – What makes you more attractive to some people, but not to others? If you’re a rep for a company and can’t change the price of your product or service. How will you get business?

It boils down to your business brand – who’s your target audience/ market, how you present your goodies, and other key factors.

Price is often NOT the determining factor, of whether someone will become your customer or client.

  • Communication – “Save the BEST for last!” Customer service and communication are two of my favorite parts of doing business. In my opinion, they are the most important parts, too!

It is crucial that you maintain clear communication with your customers and clients even BEFORE they pay you a dime.

Explaining what you do, how you do it, and why you’re the best wo/man to work with, must come from clear and honest communication.

While you’re working with them, and after they have received your goodies, is also an important time to maintain good communication. This is how long-lasting relationships are built, and how referrals are gotten… YAY!

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If your brand stands on the promise to deliver GREAT customer service, you AND your customer will have a much better experience.

When people work with a business brand who they can trust to deliver on their promise, and a brand that provides value and quality products and services, they’ll want to sing your praises to their friends and family.

Hopefully, this blog post helps you get a deeper investigate customer service, and how it can impact your business – good and bad.

If you have questions or would like to chat about how to improve customer service in your business… GREAT!

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