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Business Basics: How to Create Content That COUNTS!

Are you struggling to create content that counts – gets seen, gets engagement and gets you PAID?

If you answered, “YES!”, then this blog post was written just for YOU!

As a new entrepreneur or business owner, there is a TON of information to consume, if you want to take the DIY route to learn HOW to launch and GROW your business, right?

There are plenty of videos and blog posts to get you from A to (maybe) R. But, once you reach that point, you may be able to stumble your way to Z… Ugh!

There is one sure-fire way to get more eyeballs on your goodies – your products and services, and engagement. That is with content creation.

So, exactly HOW can you create content that counts?


The simplest answer is: Write a blog post on your website, post the link on social media, and run ads to that post (Which, in turn, brings the viewer to your website).

However, I’m sure you’ve figured out that there’s way more to it than the simplest answer, above… YEP!

There are three critical factors, you MUST include in your strategy – FOR EACH POST – if you really want to create content that counts. They are:

  1. Keyword Research – Which keyword(s) do you want this specific piece of content to be found for? There are many free and paid services to help with this. Just Google “Keyword Research”.
  2. Type of content – Will your ideal customers/ clients prefer, and better engage with, a long-form blog post, or a video?
  3. Quality content – The #1 reason for creating content, is to show how YOU can help your potential client/ customer get over whatever issue(s) they’re having.

Your content should expose your expertise and experience in your industry, making you the obvious go-to professional for (X, Y or Z).

There’s a lot that goes into creating content that counts. Trust me… I KNOW!

Look at it this way… since you’re going to take the time, effort and money (yes, people DO pay to have their content made for them), you may as well get the MOST out of it, right?

Hopefully, you got some good info out of this… YAY!

Are you trying to learn HOW to create content that counts? I GOT YOU!

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Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed!