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Business Basics: Be clear in your marketing message

Your marketing message should tell your readers and viewers exactly what your business offers, and HOW you can help them.

“Marketing gets you known. Sales gets you paid.” – Allyson Byrd

Do you agree with this statement? Is your marketing message getting you known for what you offer, and HOW you can help people?


For example: If you’re a beauty spa owner, would I know that just by scrolling down your Facebook business page?

When you started your business, I’m sure you had a pretty good idea of what products and services you wanted to sell.

Maybe it’s a product or service you bought and use. You liked how much it helped you, and felt that you could help others, with the same problem… AND you could make money doing it… WooHoo!

That’s what the entrepreneurial journey is ALL about, right?

In the above example, you could easily relate to MLM (multi-level marketing) business models, like Avon or 5Linx.

MLMs are great when it comes to marketing the products. The marketing message is already prepared for you.

All you have to do, is learn how to STAND OUT from the other reps, in that business. This is a branding challenge that many MLM-ers face.

But, it’s very easy to work out!

What if you’re business is NOT connected with an MLM, though? How do you create your own marketing message?

This is where business branding plays a HUGE part! There are a few key points, about your business, that you must be TOTALLY clear about:

  1. What products and services will you offer?
  2. Who will benefit from your offerings?
  3. Where do they “hang out” online and/or offline?

These are just a few key questions you need to ask yourself. Pay close attention to #2 because that is a loaded question!

The “Who” must be broken down, down, down for you to be able to answer # 3, “Where”.

Why is it so important to answer these questions? Easy peasy… they ALL play a crucial part in your marketing message.

Have you ever been online, and seen an ad for some thing that looked like it would help you with a situation? Maybe the ad is for some kitchen gadget you’ve been looking for.

When you click on the ad, and it sends you to a webpage that’s trying to sell you a kitchen remodeling service.


This is often done on purpose, by bigger companies, with BIGGER pockets – ad budgets.

But, it’s also done by – by accident – by small business owners – like you and me – who don’t know any better.

Hands up if you could relate to this. (My hand is WAY up! I lost $300 in one weekend – TWICE – learning this lesson… Ugh!

“You don’t know what you don’t know, until you need to know it.” Right?


Get clear on your marketing message, to attract your ideal clients. Be sure to be consistent in delivering that same marketing message, in the RIGHT places, to start getting the attention you and your business DESERVE!

If you’re not sure HOW to craft the marketing message for YOUR business… No worries!

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Did I miss anything about crafting your marketing message? What would you change or add to what you just read?

I love input and feedback, so LET’S HEAR IT! Thanks 💖

Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed!