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Business Basics: 4 Tips to Help You STAY Focused

 Is it hard for you to stay focused on the task at hand? Do you find yourself going so far down the “rabbit hole”, that you forget what you were supposed to be doing, in the first place?

Don’t worry… You’re NOT alone!

I’ve been there… done that… and have the coffee mug to prove it! Lol

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Isn’t it SO EASY to get off task? OMG… you start on Google, searching for something. Next thing you know, you’re five blue links from where you started, but waayyy off track from where you intended to go… Ugh!

Wait… where was I going, anyway?


I’m going to help you get and STAY focused on the task at hand!

These 4 tips are so practical, but easily overlooked by many. Hopefully, you’ll have an “a-ha moment” and begin to see your productivity level rise immediately!

Let’s start with:

  1. Stop browsing!YESSS… when you search for something, and FIND that something, get what you need and GET OUTTA THERE! Don’t start clicking all the blue links of things that look and sound interesting. Trust me… it will still be there! After all, we’re talking about the internet, right? Lol
  2. Make a list of your top three priorities that you need get done – I suggest you make this list right before you close shop for the night. This is usually when we think of all the things we didn’t get done that day, because we couldn’t focus long enough to complete the tasks at hand.
  3. Set a timer – I’ve been using this trick since my college days – way back when – to make sure I got my homework, projects, etc. done. This works the exact same way, in your business!

        After timing yourself, long enough, you’ll become more aware of how long it’s actually taking you to complete certain types of            tasks. If they’re taking you a really long time, you may want to think about handing that task off to a team member or Virtual              Assistant.

  1. Use your Business Coach – As part of your Business Coaching service, you should be held accountable for getting things done! You should have a timeline to complete the tasks you and your Coach outlined. Then – each week – you should be reporting on your progress.

These four tips will help drastically improve your productivity level. There are many productivity and focus hacks. Start with these, and you can learn those later. Right now, the goal is to make the most of your time spent growing your business.

Now, it’s your turn… Did I miss anything? What tips and tricks do you use to raise your productivity level? I love feedback, so bring it on!

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Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed!