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As a Business Basics Coach, I write blogs, and make videos, on a variety of topics – all to help YOU re/start and GROW your online business.

You’ll find GREAT info, on the following topics: (Don’t have time to read – I feel you! Lol Click here to visit my YouTube channel. While you’re there, subscribe and get notifications. Thanks!)

Business Branding

As a Business Basics Coach, one of the first topics I cover with new clients, is that BRANDING is more than a fancy logo and pretty website. Let’s dig in!

Business Terms Defined

In this category, you’ll find the business terms that every entrepreneur and small business owner should know. I’ll define these business terms, and put them into context for you.

Content Creation

Content Creation is how you share your knowledge, education your community, and ATTRACT your ideal clients. I’ll help you make the most of your efforts!


Customer Service

Customer Service… We all want to receive the BEST of it, but don’t always know how to DELIVER it well, right? I’ll help you create WIN-WIN experiences!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a key piece for any business – online or offline! There are many types of digital marketing, and I want to help you optimize your website, social media marketing and email marketing efforts.

Getting Started

Getting started in business is the HARDEST part of any business, right? I share information on WHAT, HOW and WHEN you        should take steps in your business.

Social Media

Although social media is – or should be – part of your digital marketing strategy, I think it needs a category of its own. I’ll share            tactics and updates to help optimize your social media marketing efforts.


In an effort to help you avoid the Shiny Object Syndrome – thinking that every website and app can be the solution to your problem, I write about tried and tested tools and resources. I only share the ones that either I have used, or that have come recommended by trusted sources.


If you have any questions, or would like to learn how you can work with me… GREAT! Click here to visit the Contact Me page, or simply fill in the contact form below.

As always… Be blessed and be AWESOME!