A La Carte Services

I offer A La Carte Services for YOU if:

  • You don’t think you need Business Coaching
  • You don’t think Business Consulting is for you, either
  • Your business is pretty-well set up, but you just need help with this one thing…

Other services I offer are:

  • Customized websites – I will re/build a customized website for your business.
    • I will rebuild/ redesign an existing website on a platform other than WordPress
    • I will redesign or build a customized website for your business on the WordPress platform.
  • Branding Design – I will customize your branding design (colors, font, etc)
  • Content Creation – I will create the content that you want to share with your viewers. This includes written, audio and video.
  • Business Plan – Long gone are the days of the 40-page Business Plan… WooHoo! I will write an effective Business Plan that your banker – and potential investors – will LOVE to read 😂

Click here to book your free 30-min consultation with me.  Or, you may visit the Contact Me page for more options 💚