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4 Signs You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?

If you answered, “Yes!” What makes you think you do? Are you crystal-clear on what the entrepreneurial mindset feels and works?

Let’s talk about it!

“Entrepreneurial mindset refers to a specific state of mind which orientates human conduct towards entrepreneurial activities and outcomes. Individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets are often drawn to opportunities, innovation and new value creation.” – Entrepreneurial Mindset Definition from Financial Times Lexicon

This sounds awesome and exciting, right? You’ll get to be creative, do what you love and call the shots… WooHoo!

Well… yes, that’s part of the entrepreneurial journey… usually a small part, in the beginning stages of a new business venture.

If you’re not able to take a paycheck – for maybe a couple of months – will you “close shop”?

If you asked 10 people how they knew they had an entrepreneurial mindset, you’d probably get 10 different answers, right?

I’ve listed the four most common ways to know you have an entrepreneurial mindset

Do you have any – or all – of these ‘symptoms (Lol)?
  • You’re “unemployable” – You’ve probably heard this phrase before. Whether you’re a high school dropout, or graduated with your PhD, you know if you’re “unemployable”!

How? Do any – or all – of these sound familiar?

  • You don’t play well with others. This was one of the first signs that I needed to work for myself! I didn’t like the company culture, the lazy and slow way of getting things done, at my past jobs.
  • I also hated that I had to “look busy” when I was done with my work. That’s if I wanted to get paid for the day.
  • You’re truly passionate about serving others – No matter what industry you are in, there are people who need your help, in the way that only YOU can help them.

This is usually the “aha” moment, when entrepreneurs realize that they have a gift, knowledge and expertise, to deliver the goods that will help others.

  1. You are ready, and willing, to put in the work – You know the entrepreneurial journey will take a lot of hours, blood, sweat and tears, to get your business up and running.

That’s doesn’t deter you, though. You know that your willingness to learn, and your ability to pivot, when needed, will take you – and your business – a long way.

  1. You are humble – Many times people have to maintain an authoritative presence – and mindset – when working for an employer, especially when they’re in a management position. It’s what we come to expect, and deliver, if we want to keep that position, right?

  Fortunately, when you are your own boss, you get to let your hair down and ask for help… Ahhh! It’s not about keeping your position, anymore. It’s all about growing your passion and purpose into a profitable and self-sustaining business and lifestyle.

Of course there are more signs than just the four I listed above. Each successful entrepreneur had their own signs… some may have been those above, some may not.

If you are meant to start on your own entrepreneurial journey, you will know, and have your own “Aha” moment.

Your mindset is just the beginning, though! There is a lot of prep work, and other factors to consider, before you take that first step.

Whether you start on your entrepreneurial journey on a part-time, or full-time basis, other elements in your life will be affected… your family, friends, social life – just to name a few.

I recently launched my latest course, “7 Steps to Launch Your Business”. The very first step, in this course, is “Mindset Prep”… And for very good reason!

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Any major change in your life, starts with your mindset, right? But, many people don’t take this into consideration.

For this reason, I made “Step 1: Mindset Prep” the first part of my course. Why is having the RIGHT mindset so important? Because, I don’t want you to invest a dime of your hard-earned money, into launching a business, and you don’t yet have an entrepreneurial mindset… Period!

If, after completing Step 1: Mindset Prep, you feel you are ready to proceed… GREAT! You are welcome to purchase the entire course, and I will refund you the money you paid for “Step 1: Mindset Prep”. Fair enough, right?

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Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed!